Gallup Vault: Anita Hill’s Charges Against Clarence Thomas

Who can forget back in October 1991, right before the senate voted to confirm Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, the Democrats hauled out Anita Hill and her allegations. They did this at the last minute as a Hail Mary play before Thomas was confirmed. But when it was over, 

by the end of the hearings, the public was once again twice as likely to believe Thomas over Hill (55% to 27%). The day before the vote was to take place, 58% of Americans said they favored the Senate confirming Thomas, while 30% were opposed.

And here we are again. Sen. Feinstein sat on this accusation against Kavanaugh for two months. She was waiting to see how the confirmation was going. And if it didn’t go her way, she would play her trump card. 

I really, really hate partisan politics.

Sheriff: Maryland warehouse shooter had mental illness but legally owned gun

What will happen when progressives pass a law saying that owning a law is a de facto proof of mental illness? 

It’s coming. 

ABERDEEN, Md. – The woman who killed three people and wounded others before shooting herself to death at a Maryland drugstore warehouse had been diagnosed with a mental illness and used a legally purchased gun in the rampage, a law enforcement official said Friday. 

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler told news reporters Friday that the suspect, 26-year-old Snochia Moseley of Baltimore County, had been diagnosed with a mental illness in 2016. “That’s as far as I’ll go with it,” he said, declining to give any more details on her mental state.

Mother of suspected MS-13 victim remembered as ‘warrior’

NewImageTragic beyond belief. 

How many have been killed because of our lax stance on illegal immigration? 

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. – A mother recognized by President Donald Trump for turning grief over her daughter’s suspected gang killing into a crusade against MS-13 was remembered at her funeral Friday as a hero and a warrior.

Rodriguez was killed two years to the day after Cuevas’ beaten, slashed body was found. Cuevas and her friend, 15-year-old Nisa Mickens, were walking when police say they were ambushed by MS-13 gang members. Mickens’ body was found a few hundred feet away near an elementary school.

Letter: Right to information

It is odd that progressives argue for keeping women ignorant. 

It is no attack on the women of Idaho, or anywhere else, to ensure that they are provided with all the information they need to make fully informed decisions when it comes to their health care. This essential concept is known as informed consent. Women must have access to the information they need to make medical decisions. That right to information extends to abortion decisions.

I am glad to have Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy vote yes on any legislation that protects women’s rights to fully informed consent.


Abortion is a multi-million dollar industry in our country, and a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Soon to outpace surgical abortions, extremely profitable chemical abortions require that additional information be provided to ensure informed consent. Chemical abortions – a two-step process, which the woman completes at home – can, within a proper time frame, be reversed. This is documented not just by hundreds of live births, but the protocol appears in peer-reviewed studies as well. A similar medical process has been used successfully for years to help stop miscarriages.

The letter from Latah County progressive icon and former Rep. Shirley Ringo seemed to be a smear attempt against Troy, based only on political expediency, not on the facts.


Brenda Saltzer


Developer sells property between Moscow, Pullman

You may remember the reason that the Hawkins Co. bought that property to put in a mall. 

During the Nancy Chaney / Aaron Ament reign of terror, the Moscow Walmart was shut down and all the employees went to work at the Pullman Walmart. Walmart wanted a larger presence in Moscow, so they were looking at the property adjacent on the state line in Washington. 

There was a conservative backlash and a purge of the über-liberals occurred. The GMA was able to get balanced people into office, and the Moscow Walmart was allowed to expand in its current location. 

All that said, the purchase of that land by Hawkins Co. was a good strategic move. And if the liberal reign of terror had continued, Hawkins could have made a ton of money. 

Fortunately, common sense reigned in Moscow. 

PULLMAN — A company that once proposed building a 714,000-square-foot shopping mall along the Washington-Idaho border — financed in part with taxpayer dollars — apparently has pulled up stakes.

Boise-based Hawkins Co., the mall developer, recently sold the 268-acre parcel to Sand Road Bucklers 2 LLC, a Pullman firm.

The property is located on the north side of the Pullman-Moscow highway; although it’s adjacent to the Moscow city limits, it’s on the Washington side of the border.

Records from the Whitman County Auditor’s Office and Treasurer’s Office indicate the land was sold Aug. 23 for $900,000. A separate deed transferring the water right on the property was filed at the same time.

Efforts to reach Hawkins and Sand Road Bucklers were not immediately successful Wednesday evening.

The mall was a source of controversy almost from the beginning. Supporters saw it as a source of good jobs, local tax revenues and economic growth; detractors worried it would have a negative impact on local businesses, as well as on taxpayers.

Landmark victory for Institute for Justice, which deserves Nobel Peace Prize for its ongoing legal efforts advancing human rights

One of the most evil things implemented in America is asset forfeiture by virtue of being accused (and not convinced). 

From today’s Institute for Justice press release “Institute for Justice Dismantles Philadelphia Forfeiture Machine“:

The Institute for Justice (IJ) today announced a major settlement with the city of Philadelphia, ending the city’s draconian civil forfeiture machine. In documents filed with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania today, city officials agreed to a set of reforms that will end the perverse financial incentives under which law enforcement keeps and uses forfeiture revenue, fundamentally reform procedures for seizing and forfeiting property, and establish a $3 million fund to compensate innocent people whose property was wrongly confiscated. These sweeping reforms are the result of the Institute for Justice’s class-action lawsuit that it has litigated over the past four years.

Civil forfeiture—where the government can seize and sell your property without convicting or even charging you with a crime—is one of the greatest threats to property rights today. With civil forfeiture, the government sues the property itself under the fiction that cash, cars or even homes can be guilty, resulting in bizarre case names like Commonwealth v. 2000 Buick. And because these cases are civil, innocent property owners are denied rights guaranteed to criminal defendants, like the right to an attorney.

“For too long, Philadelphia treated its citizens like ATMs, ensnaring thousands of people in a system designed to strip people of their property and their rights,” said Darpana Sheth, a senior attorney at the Institute for Justice and director of its Initiative to End Forfeiture Abuse. “No more. Today’s groundbreaking agreement will end years of abuse and create a fund to compensate innocent owners.”

For the clients named in the lawsuit, the settlement ends a struggle that lasted more than four years. In 2014, Chris Sourovelis nearly lost his house after his son was arrested for selling $40 worth of drugs. Although Chris did nothing wrong, the police showed up unannounced one day and threw his entire family out of his home.

“I’m glad that there is finally a measure of justice for people like me who did nothing wrong but still found themselves fighting to keep what was rightly theirs,” said Chris. “No one in Philadelphia should ever have to go through the nightmare my family faced.”

This agreement comprehensively reforms the largest municipal forfeiture program in the country. However, across the United States, law enforcement continues to use civil forfeiture to take property, often when no criminal charges are filed. In addition to defending property owners across the country, IJ will be bringing civil forfeiture to the U.S. Supreme Court this fall in a case called Timbs v. Indiana.

“Today’s settlement is an unprecedented blow against civil forfeiture,” said IJ President Scott Bullock. “IJ is continuing the fight to stop the government from using the justice system to raise revenue. Philadelphia is just one place where officials created a rigged system that deprived individuals of their property without due process.”

Boise appeals ruling on ban of sleeping on the streets

This headline is running in all the papers: “Boise appeals ruling on ban of sleeping on the streets”. 

They are not sleeping on the streets. They are sleeping on sidewalks and in parks.

Letter: Consider history of Logos, Christ Church

Wow. How many false statements can someone make in one Letter to the Editor? Try to count them: 

Let us remember, Moscow, that Logos is owned and operated by Christ Church.


This group began efforts years ago to turn Moscow into a conservative evangelical stronghold. Unfortunately, like a malignant cancer, they seem to be succeeding, at least in acquiring large amounts of property while giving nothing back to the community. 


Many may recall that the leadership of this organization is virulently misogynistic, espousing a philosophy that insists women be treated as property and denied a voice in the home, the church and society.


Many may recall the two sex offenders Doug Wilson defended so enthusiastically and who are still church members.


The leadership blames women for the abuse they suffer from their husbands.


The women “aren’t submissive enough.”


This just keeps going on and on. 

I feel sorry for Holli Cooper. She really needs to get out and meet these women that she is maligning. She may be surprised to see that they are anything but doormats.