DOJ to question senior CIA officials regarding origins of Russia probe

AP19158550963068 1 670x437This is a big deal. The Democrats in the House won’t ask, so the DOJ will. 

This goes to the heart of the question: did the FBI go on a witch hunt to derail Trump’s candidacy? That should concern every American, not just Republicans. 

The interviews come after President Trump empowered the attorney general to declassify major players involved in the Mueller report.

“The Mueller report, I wish, covered the origins of how it started — the beginnings of the investigation and how it started — it didn’t cover that,” explained the president. “This has been a very bad thing for the United States…it’s been a total waste of time.”

Barr’s “all encompassing” review aims to uncover how the Obama-era FBI and CIA came to the conclusion that Russian operatives aided the Trump campaign in the 2016 elections.

DOJ to question senior CIA officials regarding origins of Russia probe

Sen. Bernie Sanders outlines ’21st Century Socialists Bill of Rights’

AP19163691258545 655x437The original Bill of Rights acknowledges that my rights end when they take rights away from you. 

So the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness didn’t remove those rights from others. 

But the 21st Century Socialist Bill of Rights does just the opposite. It takes someone else’s desires (for my money, my labor) and makes it their own. 

“A Bill of Rights that establishes, once and for all, that every American regardless of his or her income is entitled to the right to a decent job that pays a living wage, the right to quality health care, the right to a complete education,” he stated.

Sen. Bernie Sanders outlines ’21st Century Bill of Rights’

Candace Owens suspended from Facebook after she writes, ‘Black America must wake up to the great liberal hoax’

Facebook has put another “Make America Great Again” supporter in Facebook jail.

Candace Owens, communications director at Turning Point USA, tweeted Friday morning that Facebook suspended her personal account over a post that the social media company said violated its “Community Standards.”

“Dear @DonaldTrump,

“My @facebook page has been suspended for 7 days for posting that white supremacy is not a threat to black America, as much as father absence and & liberal policies that incentivize it, are.

“I am censored for posting the poverty rates in fatherless homes,” she wrote on Twitter.

Owens is best known for her Blexit campaign, which urges the black community to leave the Democratic Party and join the Republicans.

The outspoken Trump supporter joins a growing list of conservatives whose voices are being censored on social media platforms.

What did her Facebook post say?

The Facebook post that led to her silenced page called on “Black America” to wake up about the “great liberal hoax.” She also listed black poverty statistics.

“Black America must wake up to the great liberal hoax. White supremacy is not a threat. Liberal supremacy is.

“Poverty rate among blacks: 22%

“Poverty rate among whites: 11%

“Poverty rate among MARRIED blacks: 7%

“Do not liberal supremacists convince you that white people are the problem at the same time that their policies encourage the 77% father absence in black households,” the post read.

What else?

An hour after the announcement of her suspension, Owens tweeted again, about the social media company’s “unfair” bias favoring liberals.

This time, she accused Facebook of censoring her for being a black woman who is speaking the truth.

Owens called out the company for allowing posts that accused President Donald Trump of white supremacy.

“Facebook has allowed every post that has falsely and horribly accused @realDonaldTrump of white supremacy to remain on its platform,” Owens tweeted.

“But when a black woman begins discussing the TRUTH—which is that liberal policies have systematically ruined black homes—they censor.

“Unfair!” she wrote.

Federal Disaster Declaration approved for Latah County for April flood

MoscowfloodGood news from the feds for Latah County. 

A federal disaster declaration has been approved for Latah County for the April 9th flood.  Flooding caused millions of dollars in damage in North Central Idaho during the second week of April including damage in Latah County and Moscow.  The declaration from the Trump Administration allows the federal government to assist local agencies with recovery efforts.

Idaho U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo and local Congressman Russ Fulcher applauded the president for his administration’s quick action on the disaster declaration request.  It also covers Adams, Idaho, Lewis and Valley Counties.

Seattle area swelters under record heat wave

Heat relief nwRemember the way global warming works. 

  • If it’s a record hot temperature, it’s proof of global warming. 
  • If it’s a record cold temperature, it’s just weather. 


SEATTLE — Heat records were broken for the second day in a row Wednesday in some western Washington locales, including in the Seattle area.

The temperature hit 95 degrees around 3:15 p.m. at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, according to the National

Weather Service in Seattle. The previous record there for June 12 was 85 degrees, set in 1999.

This is the first day this year the temperature at Sea-Tac has reached 90 degrees.
If it had warmed up just 2 degrees more, Wednesday would have been the hottest June day ever recorded at Sea-Tac.

The weather service recorded 96 degrees there in 1955, 1995 and 2017.

Records were also set in other parts of western Washington. Olympia notched 93 degrees, beating out its previous record of 86 degrees, set in 2002. Bellingham and Hoquiam saw highs of 85 and 84, respectively, one degree higher than their previous records set around two decades ago.

Washington teacher imprisoned on child pornography counts

It’s OK. He’s a government school teacher… 🙁 

KENNEWICK — A Washington substitute teacher who took photos of students and possessed child pornography has been sentenced to federal prison.
The Tri-City Herald reported that Michael S. Leavitt received a 10-year prison sentence Thursday.
Leavitt pleaded guilty in March to receiving child pornography.
Authorities said an elementary school student reported in October 2017 that he placed a cellphone under her skirt and took photographs during class.
Investigators later found more than 600 images of child pornography on Leavitt’s electronic devices.
Leavitt must register as a sex offender and be subject to court supervision for 10 years following his release.

E-bikes to hit Moscow, UI in August

This won’t last long. 

One thing that is well known by economists is the “Tragedy of the Commons”. 

In other words: socialism doesn’t work. 

Mark my words: it won’t work at the UI either. 

Fifty pedal-assisted electric bicycles will be rolled out in Moscow and the University of Idaho campus this August.
The bikes were expected to hit the streets in April but it took longer than anticipated to get through the legal aspects of the agreement between the city, university and Gotcha Mobility, UI director of parking and transportation services Rebecca Couch, told the Daily News in March.
The one-year dockless bike share pilot program will cost $45,000 — a total the city and university will split. Gotcha Mobility will be responsible for maintenance, repairs and placement of the bikes.

Couch said in March those with a UI email address will be able to ride for free for the first 30 minutes. After that, a 10-cents-per-minute charge will be tallied. She said she expects non-UI affiliates to pay 10 cents a minute from the time they start riding, but other membership options will likely be available as well.

Passenger totals climb at Pullman-Moscow airport

5cc16c9501ec9 image

The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport continues to see double-digit growth in passenger activity, with commercial boardings up nearly 25 percent in May.

Through the first five months of the year, a total of 30,781 passengers have boarded commercial flights at the airport.

That’s an increase of 3,929, or 14.6 percent, over the same period last year.

Airport Executive Director Tony Bean said some of the activity stems from Alaska Airlines’ decision to pull out of the Lewiston market last August. However, enrollment growth at Washington State University and continued growth at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories also contributed to the increase.

John Bolton: ‘When Has The Government Ever Lied About Attacks On Ships In A Gulf Somewhere Just To Provoke War?’

16078219347480343207Cuts both ways. 

U.S.—After top U.S. officials claimed Iran attacked ships in the Gulf of Oman this week, John Bolton held a press conference where he asked when the government has ever lied about something like this just to start a war.

Covert Navy SEAL Team Really Starting To Regret Wearing These Pride Month Uniforms


RAQQA, SYRIA—A Navy SEAL Team recently expressed regret in showing support for Pride Month after their new uniforms gave away their position in a covert operation to infiltrate an ISIS stronghold. Seal Captain James McKeever says they endured heavy gunfire after the little rainbow flags poking up off of their shoulder area drew the enemy’s attention. “The whole mission was a bust. We barely made it out alive.”

Oberlin College hit with maximum PUNITIVE DAMAGES (capped at $22 million by law) in Gibson’s Bakery case

Gibson Bakery Oberlin College Trial David Gibson and Allyn W Gibson in courtroom e1560432635389 620x436Justice served. 

The jury just rendered its verdict on punitive damages in the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case.

Daniel McGraw, our reporter in the courtroom, reports that in addition to the $11.2 million compensatory damages awarded last Friday, the jury awarded a total of $33 million in punitive damages, which will probably be reduced by the court to $22 million because of the state law cap at twice compensatory (it’s not an absolute cap, but probably will apply here). That brings the total damages to $33 million. We will have the breakdown soon. The jury also awarded attorney’s fees, to be determined by the judge.

The breakdown was:

David Gibson – $17.5 million punitive damages

Allyn W. Gibson — $8.75 million punitive damages

Gibson Bros. Inc. (the Bakery) – $6,973,500 punitive damages

MY STATEMENT about the verdict:

“Oberlin College tried to sacrifice a beloved 5th-generation bakery, its owners, and its employees, at the altar of political correctness in order to appease the campus ‘social justice warfare’ mob. The jury sent a clear message that the truth matters, and so do the reputations and lives of people targeted by false accusations, particularly when those false accusations are spread by powerful institutions. Throughout the trial the Oberlin College defense was tone-deaf and demeaning towards the bakery and its owners, calling the bakery nearly worthless. The jury sent a message that all lives matter, including the lives of ordinary working people who did nothing wrong other than stop people from stealing.”

New School Program Raises Awareness Of Things Kids Didn’t Know They Were Supposed To Be Offended About

14682323777854685603Those kids need to be woke! 

U.S.—The Federal Government is rolling out a new school program that will help to raise awareness in kids about what they need to be so upset about. The new program, “W.O.K.E.” (Woke and Offended Kids Education) will help to bridge the gap widening between millennial parents’ desire to be offended by just about everything and the current generation wondering what got their parents’ underpants in such a bunch.

Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Everyone’s Pay Should Be Equal, But My Pay Should Be More Equal Than Others”

12708294173814002591All are equal. Some are just more equal…

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Speaking to reporters after coming out in support of pay raises for herself and her fellow congresspeople, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she believes everyone’s pay should be equal, but that her and her fellow congresspeople’s pay should be “more equal” than everybody else’s.

YouTube Pulls All ‘Seinfeld’ Clips Featuring The Soup Nazi


SAN BRUNO, CA—Continuing their ongoing efforts to rid their platform of hate speech, content managers at YouTube have decided to remove all videos featuring or referencing “The Soup Nazi,” a character from the ’90s sitcom Seinfeld.

“The Soup Nazi” was introduced in an episode by the same name during the show’s seventh season on NBC. Played by actor Larry Thomas, the character, Yev Kassem, is dubbed “The Soup Nazi” because of his strict rules and regulations for those ordering from his soup stand.

“Hate speech comes in all different forms,” said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. “What might be a comical character to some, can be interpreted and used as malicious hate mongering by others. Restaurant owners and soup producers, in particular, could be deeply hurt and offended by this content.”

The show’s co-creator and star, Jerry Seinfeld, agrees with YouTube’s decision. “Comedy always involves risk, and as writers, we live on the edge of offense,” said Seinfeld. “However, in this particular instance, we have to admit we’ve crossed the line, and created something that could make our world a worse place to live, which, of course, is the opposite of what we’re trying to do.”

While fans of the show protested the removal, YouTube is standing by its “Soup Nazi” ban, shouting sharply, “No videos for you!”

Progressive Mom Proudly Declares Son To Be Transgender After He Walks Through Barbie Aisle


It only takes one glance…

PORTLAND, OR—Young mother Olivia McKinley declared her three-year-old son Kale to be transgendered after he took a brief walk through the Barbie aisle while in the toy section at Target on Monday. She could be heard shrieking, “My son is trans! I accept you, my beautiful, brave trans girl. I do not judge you! I love you just the way you are!” Her mouth was just inches from the boy’s face as she embraced him tightly, though he tried to squirm free.