VP Mike Pence to address Rose Dinner at this year’s March for Life


WASHINGTON, D.C., January 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Vice President Mike Pence will represent the Trump administration at the annual March for Life in the nation’s capital this week by delivering an address at the 37th annual Rose Dinner.

Held this year in the grand ballroom of the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, the Rose Dinner will follow the March for Life on the evening of January 18 and concludes the itinerary for the week.

Calling Pence’s participation a “great honor,” March for Life president Jeanne Mancini noted that the vice president previously “made history in 2017 when he addressed the March for Life just one week after the inauguration.”

“Throughout his extensive career, Vice President Pence has remained exemplary in his commitment to protecting the sanctity of unborn life and it is our utmost privilege to have a pro-life champion of his stature address this year’s Rose Dinner,” Mancini said.

The Trump administration’s support for and participation in the March for Life was an early sign of President Donald Trump’s support for the pro-life movement, and has persisted every year of his first term. Just days after being inaugurated, Trump criticized the mainstream media for neglecting the March in an interview with ABC’s David Muir.

Pence also delivered an address to the 2018 March in live-streamed remarks from the White House, as did the president himself.

The Rose Dinner will also feature former abortionist and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists fellow Dr. Kathi Aultman as keynote speaker, as well as music by Winchester jazz pianist Caleb Nei.

The 2018 March for Life promises another full slate of events and expects another massive turnout in Washington, D.C. LifeSiteNews will follow the March’s developments all throughout this week.


White House urges Congress to close immigration loopholes in wake of MS-13 stabbing in N.Y.

The White House is ramping up its push for immigration reform in the wake of recent MS-13 stabbings. In a tweet Monday, the Trump administration denounced a violent attack on two high school students in New York, which was carried out by suspected illegal alien teenagers.

The White House urged Congress to close the DACA loophole that is allowing underage criminals to be in the U.S.

White House urges Congress to close immigration loopholes in wake of MS-13 stabbing in N.Y.

Pentagon extends U.S. border mission as another migrant caravan leaves from Honduras

“There is another major caravan forming right now in Honduras and, so far, we’re trying to break it up, but, so far, it’s bigger than anything we’ve seen and a drone isn’t going to stop it,” he stated. “And a sensor isn’t going to stop it, but you know what’s going to stop it in its tracks — a nice, powerful wall.”

—President Trump


Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice – Relief organization chairman blames Global Warming

Snow lebanon 1200x630

Because, well, you know: global warming will freeze the Middle East …

The snowstorm “Norma” is battering Northeastern Lebanon with heavy snow, rain and strong winds affecting nearly 250,000 refugees. Hundreds of refugee camps and settlements in the area from the Akkar Plain to Bekaa Valley have been devastated by the storm. The camps house thousands of Syrian refugees in little more than tents and improvised wooden structures.…

…Flooding and heavy rains in Northern Syria, which started on December 26, have also devastated IDP camps across the region. Thousands of tents and the personal possessions of these IDPs were washed away, including medical supplies, wheel chairs and equipment. The people in these camps have lost what little they had left with no way of replacing them.

Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International said, “Climate change has unleashed hellish conditions on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. These families are living in tents, with all their clothes and possessions soaked and temperatures below freezing. Children, elderly, the infirm and vulnerable will not survive much longer without being moved to warm and dry locations. This is a humanitarian nightmare and will require an enormous coordinated effort to reach all of these camps in time.”


Psychologists “Affirm Without Doubt” the Evidence for Imminent Climate Catastrophe

According to Psychology Today contributors Sara Gorman, Ph.D., MPH, and Jack M. Gorman, MD, psychologists are united in their determination to help climate “deniers” face the need for urgent climate action to prevent imminent human extinction, though they are uncertain about how to deliver group therapy to millions of people in the same session.

Climate Change Denial
Facing a reality too big to believe.

Posted Jan 12, 2019

Sara Gorman, Ph.D., MPH, and Jack M. Gorman, MD
Denying to the Grave

But there are also many points that are clear and not subject to legitimate debate. We can affirm without doubt that anthropogenic climate changeis a real phenomenon that is already apparent and will, if not mitigated, cause terrible suffering and destruction before this century is over. A recent report from the United Nations-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tells us we can still hope to avert some of the catastrophic consequences of climate change, but only if we “abandon coal and other fossil fuels in the next decade or two.”  Scientists may disagree about how fast the atmosphere is warming or what the best solutions are, but except for a small number of outliers, none doubt that we are rapidly approaching climate catastrophe.

That a few misguided politicians believe climate change predictions are exaggerated or even fabricated is lamentable. But perhaps more puzzling is the lack of alarm among the general public. As monumental hurricanes lash out in Houston and Puerto Rico and California forests burn out of control, it would seem that the evidence that climate scientists are right would be clear enough. Almost annually meteorologists tell us we have just experienced the warmest year in recorded history. Yet even people who experience extreme weather events often still refuse to report the experience as a manifestation of climate change. Polls tell us that many people are worried about climate change, but that does not seem to motivate much willingness to take action to mitigate it. Others deny that climate change is either occurring at all or that it represents any significant threat to civilization.

Too Large to Believe

Among the myriad reasons that we shun this problem is its enormity. We aren’t “merely” being told that unless we take action our identities will be stolen, we will lose thousands of dollars, or even that it will take a few years off our lives. What the climate scientists are telling us is that if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels the human race faces extinction. The fact is that many people born this year will not survive global warming if it continues at the current pace and exceeds 3.50C by 2050.

Climate change denial is in some ways a new mental process for psychologists to understand. Of course, the concept of denial itself is well understood. Psychologists consider denial—the refusal to accept facts in order to protect us from uncomfortable truths—to be a primitive defense mechanism.

But despite the fact that psychologists know a lot about denial, they have never had to face denial on this scale before. Millions of people share the phenomenon of climate denial. This is clearly not something that is amenable to individual or even group psychotherapy.

Organizations like Climate Psychiatry Alliance and Climate Psychology Alliance have been formed not only to point out the severe consequences of climate change for emotional and behavioral health but also to lend expertise in determining how best to overcome climate change denial. For these and similar organizations, climate change denial constitutes an emergencythat demands immediate attentionWe need urgent attention to developing and implementing the best practices for overcoming public despair and inaction and increasing the motivation to demand large-scale climate change mitigation action.

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/denying-the-grave/201901/climate-change-denial


Psychologists “Affirm Without Doubt” the Evidence for Imminent Climate Catastrophe

Antarctica is losing ice 6 times faster today than in 1980s

I want you to think thru the following two paragraphs with me. 

WASHINGTON (AP) – Antarctica is melting more than six times faster than it did in the 1980s, a new study shows.

Scientists used aerial photographs, satellite measurements and computer models to track how fast the southern-most continent has been melting since 1979 in 176 individual basins. They found the ice loss to be accelerating dramatically – a key indicator of human-caused climate change.

Assume for argument that they are right. Some questions come to mind. 

First, there was global cooling (“The Coming Ice Age”) until 1979. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that there was a discussion of global warming. 

Second, that last sentence. 

They found the ice loss to be accelerating dramatically – a key indicator of human-caused climate change.

Even assume this to be the case. How does ice loss acceleration prove human-caused global warming? It does no such thing. 


Trump declares he’ll ‘never back down’ in shutdown fight

The Democrats and Republicans in Congress have never met a politician who wouldn’t compromise. 

He got his way with Canada. He got his way with Mexico. He got his way with the EU. 

Will Congress beat him? 

WASHINGTON – With the government mired in shutdown week four, President Donald Trump rejected a short-term legislative fix and dug in for more combat Monday, declaring he would “never ever back down.”

Trump rejected a suggestion to reopen the government for several weeks while negotiations would continue with Democrats over his demands for $5.7 billion for a long, impregnable wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The president also edged further away from the idea of trying to declare a national emergency to circumvent Congress.

“I’m not looking to call a national emergency,” Trump said. “This is so simple we shouldn’t have to.”

No cracks were apparent in the president’s deadlock with lawmakers after a weekend with no negotiations at all. His rejection of the short-term option proposed by Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham removed one path forward, and little else was in sight. Congressional Republicans were watching Trump for a signal for how to move next, and Democrats have not budged from their refusal to fund the wall and their demand that he reopen government before border talks resume.

The White House has been considering reaching out to rank-and-file Democrats rather than dealing with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to try and chip away at Democratic opposition to the wall. A White House official said plans were in the works to call freshman representatives, especially those who initially did not support Pelosi’s bid for the speakership.


Spokane-area home prices rose 12 percent in 2018

If you are going to buy a home in the inland northwest, do it soon. 

Spokane-area home prices rose in 2018 as a strong seller’s market persisted.

Demand for single-family homes outpaced supply, often leading to multiple offers on homes and escalating prices.

The average sales price for a house in Spokane County was $255,931 last year, according to the Spokane Association of Realtors. That’s a gain of nearly 12 percent from 2017’s average price of $228,701.

The median sales price also rose 12 percent – to $235,000 from $210,000.

Inventories of homes for sale were down 21 percent in 2018 compared to the prior year. At the end December, there were 798 homes for sale.

The number of homes sold rose 1 percent. According to the Spokane Realtors Association, 8,212 single-family homes and condos were sold last year.


Police Can’t Force You to Unlock an iPhone Using Face ID or Touch ID, California Judge Rules

Good news. 

Law enforcement officials can’t force smartphone users to unlock their devices using fingerprints or other biometric features such as facial recognition, according to a Northern California court ruling from last week. 

The ruling, which was shared this morning by Forbes, was the result of an Oakland investigation into possible extortion. Police officers asked the court for permission to seize multiple devices and then compel the suspects to unlock the devices using biometric authentication. 

The court said that there was indeed probable cause to grant a search warrant, but that it was denied because the request to force the suspects to unlock their devices using biometric authentication “funs afoul of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.” From the ruling:

The Government, however, also seeks the authority to compel any individual present at the time of the search to press a finger (including a thumb) or utilize other biometric features, such as facial or iris recognition, for the purposes of unlocking the digital devices found in order to permit a search of the contents as authorized by the search warrant. 

For the reasons set forth below, the Court finds that the Government’s request funs afoul of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and the search warrant application must be DENIED.


Are You Suffering From Toxic Masculinity? Know The Warning Signs

More than 40% of men today suffer from it—and their loved ones pay the price.

Here’s the list in full. 

It’s called “toxic masculinity,” and it’s the latest disease to plague the nation. It can affect every aspect of a toxic man’s life. Worst of all, toxic masculinity is contagious, so if you’re infected, you need to know right away so you can avoid spreading it to your friends and family.

Are you or a loved one suffering from toxic masculinity? Know the warning signs so you can seek help:

  • Even the faintest whisper of facial hair –If you have a mustache, schedule a check-up. If you find a goatee on your face, consider going into the emergency room. If you have a full-grown beard, well, it’s probably too late for you.
  • A belief that men and women are at least a little bit different –Should you be infected with the cancerous idea that men and women are even the slightest bit different from one another, you could have toxic masculinity. If you’re a woman who believes this, then you suffer from an even worse disease called internalized misogyny.
  • Throwing a professional wrestler off a steel cage right through the announcer’s table –Men who suddenly look around and find that they’re tossing a professional wrestler off a steel cage to plummet right through the announcer’s table are at high risk of developing toxic masculinity. If a man in your life is suffering from this symptom, encourage him to stop wrestling in the WWE immediately.
  • Eating meat on occasion –A disease like toxic masculinity can quickly change your diet. If you find yourself leaving your vegan avocado quinoa toast smoothies untouched in favor of wolfing down some bacon-wrapped bacon, you might have toxic masculinity.
  • Holding the door open for a woman once in a while –It looks innocent enough: a woman approaches, and you hold the door so she doesn’t have to open it again. Seems like common courtesy, right? WRONG. It’s one of the first warning signs of toxic masculinity, and you need to do better if you’re going to beat this thing. One way to reduce your toxic masculinity is to slam the door right in a woman’s face and scream, “EQUALITY!!!” through the glass when she glares at you.
  • Yelling stuff about freedom and charging into battle wearing blue face paint – If you find yourself charging into battle against the English wearing blue face paint in the 14th century, you might be beyond medical help. Do all of society a favor and get yourself drawn and quartered so no one else catches this contagious illness.
  • Being a man who doesn’t hate himself –This is the most telling sign. If you’re a biological male and you don’t hate yourself, toxic masculinity is already coursing through your veins. If there’s going to be any hope of recovery, you need to begin hating yourself today.

If you or your man are showing one or more of these symptoms, contact your medical professional today. Get help, before it’s too late.


Sen. Warren urges ‘systemic change’, ‘affirmative vision’ in N.H. speech

Senator Elizabeth Warren is pushing radical reforms as part of her early presidential pitch. During a speech in New Hampshire Saturday, Warren outlined her platform and called for “systemic changes” in the federal government.

She also promoted reforms to benefit the lower and middle class at the expense of — what she called — “the wealthy and well-connected.” This comes after Warren repeatedly hinted at her intent to run for president in 2020.

The Democrat lawmaker also said she has an “affirmative vision” for America.

“I’m willing to fight, everybody knows that — the question is: How do we build an America that works, not just for those at the top, but an America that works for everyone else?” she asked. “I talked serious policy here in New Hampshire, and that’s what I’m gonna keep on doing.”

Warren also expressed support for universal health care, a higher minimum wage, and a relief to student debt.

Welcome to socialist USA.

Sen. Warren urges ‘systemic change’, ‘affirmative vision’ in N.H. speech

Houston airport closes TSA security checkpoint due to shortage of workers

This will get Congress’ attention. 

Houston airport closes TSA security checkpoint due to shortage of workers

Democrats looking to have President Trump’s, Putin’s interpreter from the Helsinki summit testify

When asked if he would be in favor of having Gross testify before Congress last year, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham had this to say:

“Absolutely not, that will be the last time you ever have a foreign leader meet with the president of the United States privately and I can tell you there may be times where we need to do that, so I can’t imagine how that would affect future president’s in their ability to talk to foreign leaders.”

Senator Graham’s comments echo the sentiments of other interpreter groups, who say the industry takes confidentiality very seriously at all levels. A formal request to Gross has not yet been sent.

Democrats looking to have President Trump’s, Putin’s interpreter from the Helsinki summit testify

Judge blocks White House rule on birth control coverage, upholds Obama-era mandate

“Under my administration, free speech does not end at the steps of a cathedral or a synagogue or any other house of worship,” stated President Trump. “We are giving our churches their voices back, we are giving them back in the highest form — with this executive order, we also make clear that the federal government will never, ever penalize any person for their protected religious beliefs.”

Judge blocks White House rule on birth control coverage, upholds Obama-era mandate

President Trump: The great people of our country demand proper border security

President Trump: The great people of our country demand proper border security

U.K. Prime Minister May warns of no Brexit at all if Parliament does not back her deal

Wouldn’t that be giving Parliament just what they want: no Brexit at all? 

“I hope that we will be able to get agreement on a way of leaving the European Union that causes the least friction, in terms of our economy,” stated Fox. “No deal is certainly survivable, but it would be problematic for our economy, so much better to carry out the will of the British people, but in the way that causes the least potential damage to our economy.”

U.K. Prime Minister May warns of no Brexit at all if Parliament does not back her deal