Nina Dobrev Steps Out After Speaking Out Against Abortion Bills

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You mean like these men? 


Caravan Of Unborn Babies Heads Toward Alabama To Apply For Asylum


U.S.—According to sources all across the country, a caravan of unborn babies has formed to head toward Alabama in an attempt to avoid the rest of the country’s barbaric abortion laws.

The unborn humans, mostly residing in the wombs of pro-choice mothers, learned of the new law as their moms watched CNN and listened to NPR. Each of them would then sneak out of their mom’s womb in the middle of the night, slip into a state-of-the-art artificial womb they ordered on Amazon, steal their mother’s car, and make a break for the Alabama border.

“All we want is a chance to live the American Dream—or really, just live, to be honest,” a spokesfetus said. “Since the rest of the nation is one of the deadliest places to be in the whole world when you’re an unborn child, we were forced to come here for the future of our children, so we might live.”

“Honestly, as unborn children, it’s safer in a third-world country like Venezuela than here.”

LIberals quickly criticized the caravan, claiming they were “not people” but “animals.”

ICE hiring private company to help move asylum seekers to shelters

6853530167076207445They should be moving them all to the sanctuary cities. 

The Trump administration is looking to hire a private contractor to help re-distribute asylum seekers to holding centers across the U.S. as their claims are processed.

According to a document released by the agency this week, the contractor will be responsible for transporting roughly 225,000 unaccompanied minors and migrant families over the course of five-years.

Officials said the plan will help alleviate over-crowded holding centers at points of entry along the southern border.

This comes the same week that the president rolled out his highly anticipated merit-based immigration reform proposal.

ICE hiring private company to help move asylum seekers to shelters

Illegal immigrant charged with killing 12 women in Texas


An illegal immigrant from Kenya is facing murder chargers in connection with the killings of a dozen women in Texas.

46-year-old Billy Chemirmir has been indicted on several counts of capital murder in the deaths of elderly women between the ages of 76 and 94. He has been in jail since March 2018 for allegedly killing an 81-year-old woman in Dallas.

Chemirmir was arrested after police linked him to the attempted murder of a 91-year-old woman, who told police he stole her jewelry. Authorities retrieved his license plate number and were able to trace him to his apartment complex. While at his apartment, they witnessed him throw away a jewelry box, which contained the address of a deceased victim.

Police said the suspect posed as a health care worker before forcing his way into the victims’ homes. They are now investigating more than 700 other elderly deaths for any possible links.

Illegal immigrant charged with killing 12 elderly women in Texas

Trump admin. pulls funding from Calif. high speed rail project

5321792583252132723Another government “bridge to nowhere”. 

President Trump is following through on his promise to pull federal funds away from the stalled California high-speed rail project.

On Thursday, the Federal Railroad Administration announced it has terminated its $929 million agreement with California, and is asking for the return of $2.5 billion in stimulus funding.

The agency said California repeatedly failed to comply with the terms of the agreement, and has failed to make progress on the project.

The move comes after the state’s governor — Gavin Newsom — said he would alter the scope of the plan to avoid giving the money up to President Trump.

The high-speed rail project has been in the works for a decade, and has stalled due to cost over-runs.

Trump admin. pulls funding from Calif. high speed rail project

Judicial Watch: Obama knew of FOIA request, knew Clinton was using private servers

3744224009577863425This hole keeps getting deeper and deeper. 

It would be great to see the Democrats hoisted with their own petard. 

“CREW had sent this request asking for records about any email accounts associated with Hillary Clinton. They had sent this request again in December of 2012. The White House contacts the State Department and says ‘we want to know what’s going on, how are you responding to this to this Freedom of Information Act request?’ So, there’s some very interesting dialogue back and forth among the State Department officials.”

–Bill Marshall, senior investigator – Judicial Watch


Meanwhile, Judicial Watch was still pushing for access to Clinton’s emails in court, claiming the State Department acted in bad faith. They are not alone. A judge has declared the email scandal to be “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

“Like what we’re seeing here…it demonstrates how the White House knew all along, for a long period of time, that that Hillary was was using an illegal email server,” stated Judicial Watch’s senior investigator. “Of course they knew because Hillary, we know, was communicating with with Barack Obama via her illegal email account”

As a result of court ordered depositions and a series of document releases, Judicial Watch believes the Obama-era White House orchestrated a cover-up for the former secretary of state.

Judicial Watch: Obama knew of FOIA request, knew Clinton was using private servers

Letters From Washington: Your Employees Could Be Undocumented

This from yesterday’s NY Times

LOS ANGELES — The Trump administration is notifying tens of thousands of employers that the names of some of their employees do not match their Social Security numbers, a move that is forcing businesses across the country to brace for the loss of thousands of workers who lack legal status.

The Social Security Administration has mailed “no-match letters” to more than 570,000 employers since March, sending shock waves through the hospitality, construction and agriculture industries, which rely heavily on undocumented workers. The letters have left many employers conflicted, uncertain whether to take action that could result in losing workers or to risk fines down the road.

The notices do not necessarily require employers to take action, but direct them to take steps to reconcile mismatches, which would require contacting the workers. Undocumented workers who are notified of the letters by their employers often choose to quickly resign, fearing scrutiny from federal immigration authorities. But employers who do nothing could also face enforcement actions.

“There is a high level of anxiety over these no-match letters,’’ said Angelo Amador, regulatory counsel at the National Restaurant Association, which represents about one million food-service establishments. He said the association has been barraged with emails and phone calls from concerned companies.

An estimated 7.8 million undocumented immigrants were in the labor force in 2016, according to the Pew Research Center. Most pay Social Security taxes for which they receive no credit because they are using a made-up Social Security number. For years, the Social Security Administration notified employers when the number on an employee’s W-2 form did not match a name on file.

Who’s Barack Obama Working For These Days?

Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘I Don’t Think a Four-Year Degree is Necessary to Be Proficient at Coding’


Echoing comments he shared with the Orlando Sentinel, Cook toldTechCrunch‘s Matthew Panzarino that it is “pretty impressive” what Rosenfeld is accomplishing with code at such a young age, serving as a perfect example of why he believes coding education should begin in the early grades of school.

“I don’t think a four year degree is necessary to be proficient at coding” says Cook. “I think that’s an old, traditional view. What we found out is that if we can get coding in in the early grades and have a progression of difficulty over the tenure of somebody’s high school years, by the time you graduate kids like Liam, as an example of this, they’re already writing apps that could be put on the App Store.”

Cook made similar comments during an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting at the White House earlier this year.

In Order To Stop White Men From Legislating Women’s Bodies, Democrats Fight To Overturn Roe V. Wade

16639304768263205026All those white guys…

U.S.—Democrats want to stop white men from legislating women’s bodies. So they have come out against Roe v. Wade, and have vowed to do everything to overturn it, after finding that the decision was made by a Supreme Court made up mostly of powerful, white men.

Crowded Democrat primaries lead to divisions between candidates

7362125139064470372As they run to the left to be the most progressive. 

As the Democrat primary field continues to grow, candidates are attempting to distinguish themselves from the rest of the group. Many have resorted to using any vulnerability against each other to get a step ahead.

The biggest back and forth this week was between Senator Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden. The debate centered around Biden pushing back against criticism of his support for the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

“Let me tell you about the good thing in the crime bill — it’s the one that had the assault weapons ban, a limited number of bullets in a clip, it made sure that cop-killer bullets — Teflon bullets — weren’t available any longer, it opened up the whole effort to make sure there is background checks for the first time in American history,” he explained.

Harris stepped in to challenge Biden, arguing the bill led to mass incarceration.

“That crime bill, that 1994 crime bill, it did contribute to mass incarceration in our country,” she stated. “It encouraged and was the first time that we had a federal three-strikes law, it funded the building of more prisons in the states, so I disagree, sadly.”

Its interesting to note Harris, like Biden, has run into trouble with far-left progressives over her own track record. When Harris was attorney general of California, her office fought to keep nonviolent criminals behind bars to use as a source of cheap labor during fire season. She claimed she was not aware of those efforts at the time.

Harris has continued to trail behind Biden among Democrat voters in the lead up to primaries.

Crowded Democrat primaries lead to divisions between candidates

President Trump outlines immigration plan

4095745374818833769The Democrats hated it before even hearing it. 

President Trump outlined his border security and legal immigration plan from the Rose Garden Thursday. The president said the plan seeks to stop illegal immigration and secure the border, while establishing a new legal immigration system that promotes American values. He also hopes to attract the best and brightest around the world when it comes to legal immigration.

The plan, spearheaded by Jared Kusher, eliminates the visa lottery system and moves to a merit-based points system, favoring people with high-level skills, degrees and job offers instead of relatives of those already in the country. The plan also creates a self-sustaining border security trust fund, ensuring border infrastructure remains intact and up to date.

As President Trump hopes to garner support for his new immigration plan on Capitol Hill, Republican senators are already reacting positively.

“I think it will unite Republicans, and that’s a good step,” said Senator Lindsey Graham. “We all realize you’ve got to deal with the 11 million to get the Democrats on-board, but having a unified front on merit-based immigration to keep the economy humming and border security is a good place to start, so I really appreciate what the president’s doing today.”

Senator John Cornyn also responded to the new plan.

“I’m willing to try anything that works — this has been the most frustrating subject in my time in the Senate, but it’s really important,” he stated. “It’s really important we deal with the immediate crisis on the border, the humanitarian crisis, because it’s overwhelming our capacity Border Patrol and our ability to manage the flow of humanity.”

The White House said at the very least, the president’s newly announced plan will be used as a platform for his 2020 reelection bid, so Americans know exactly what he plans to do.

President Trump outlines immigration plan