Trump flips 3rd Circuit to majority GOP judges

Shutterstock 184689539 c0 65 1000 648 s885x516I didn’t vote for Trump (I didn’t have to; Idaho was going to him regardless), but I support him on his decisions for judges. 

You can bet what the makeup of the courts would look like if Hillary were in office. 

Senators on Tuesday approved Paul Matey to be a judge on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, effectively flipping control of the court from Democratic-appointed judges to GOP picks.

Mr. Matey, who served as deputy chief counsel to former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during Bridgegate, was confirmed on a 54-45 vote. Sen. Joe Manchin III, West Virginia Democrat, sided with Republicans on the vote.

Mr. Matey is the third Trump nominee and seventh GOP presidential appointee on the 3rd Circuit, given them the advantage over the six judges named by Democratic presidents.

Also on Tuesday, senators overcame a Democratic filibuster on Neomi Rao, a White House official whom Mr. Trump has nominated to fill the appeals court seat left vacant by the elevation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Elizabeth Warren Leaves Brutal 1-Star Review For


U.S.—Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren left a brutal 1-star review for on a popular consumer review site, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Internet users noticed a particularly negative review of the site’s DNA testing and family tree analysis services. They were then able to link the account, JefeWarren2020, to the presidential candidate’s official email address.

“Site suggested I was only 1/1024th Native American, even though I have a lot of anecdotal family stories from my mama and my papa that suggest otherwise,” she wrote in the bitter review. “Very bad services. I would not use them again.”

“I even used my Native American heritage to get a leg up in life, and now some cheap website comes along and tells me it’s all a lie? I don’t think so, Buster!” the review continued. Warren then left a list of Native American words she knows as proof of her Indian heritage: teepee, maize, and buffalo.

“So as you can see, is a huge scam!”

Border Patrol: 900 alien families per day detained in Texas in February

15681495558297385898Per. Day. 

Repeat after me: “We have no illegal immigration problem. We have no illegal immigration problem…”

“We have smugglers and traffickers profiting from human misery every single day by exploiting people who are seeking a better life, deceiving them about our laws, and fueling everything from sexual slavery to child exploitation, to the smuggling of illicit goods,” explained Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen. “And at the current pace we are on track to encounter close to one million illegal aliens at our southern border this year.”

Border Patrol: 900 alien families per day detained in Texas in February

Moscow and Pullman make Top 100 Best Places to Live in America

MoscowID MainStreet

I keep telling people: don’t move here! It’s all a lie! 😂

Both Moscow and Pullman made it into this year’s Top 100 Best Places to Live in America according to livability.comMoscow checks in 60th.  The website mentions the University of Idaho along with Moscow’s parks, trails and events.  Pullman is ranked 86th for its health, education and infrastructure.

Pullman City Firefighter finishes 4th at Scott Stairclimb in Seattle

StevePotratz LeeCongrats to Pullman City Firefighter Steve Potratz-Lee! This is a great feat. 

Pullman City Firefighter Steve Potratz-Lee was unable to defend his Scott Stairclimb title in Seattle over the weekend.  Potratz-Lee finished 4th out of thousands of firefighters who competed.  The firefighters climb 69 floors to the top of the Columbia Tower in full gear while breathing through their masks.  Potratz-Lee won the climb last year by 3 seconds.

That said, I want to take up the question of egalitarianism in this event. 

Section 7.4 of the Lion’s Den rules says that women are allowed to be twice as slow as men in the competition, at all ages. 

But why? We’re told repeatedly that women are identical to men and can do the same job identically. 

Tell you what, I’d rather have one of those Lion’s Den males rescue my family any day. That factor of two could make a big difference. 

Rep. Nunes shares ‘important’ report ahead of Steele deposition release

17839744107896623092Fascinating. If true, it shows how deep the “deep state” goes. 

Representative Devin Nunes is drawing attention to a report connecting dark money to the group behind the anti-Trump dossier.

In a Sunday tweet, Nunes encouraged people to read the Daily Caller investigation, which claims a California dark money group gave two billion dollars to another organization that contracted with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele.

The money was reportedly handed over to the ‘Democrat Integrity Project’ in 2017, and was allegedly to conduct opposition research on President Trump.

Nunes said this is important to read ahead of the deposition of Steele in a lawsuit brought against Buzzfeed. According to reports, transcripts may be made public as early as Thursday.

Climate change threatens national security, said the woman who employed a Chinese spy for 20 years.

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 12 49 08Climate change threatens national security, said the woman who employed a Chinese spy for 20 years.

Ludwig von Mises: On the essence of socialism — destruction

Socialism bookstoreSteven Hayward writing on the Powerline Blog says the passage below fits the Venezuela story of failed socialism perfectly and comments that “Venezuela reached this point quite a while ago now.”

In fact Socialism is not in the least what it pretends to be. It is not the pioneer of a better and finer world, but the spoiler of what thousands of years of civilization have created. It does not build; it destroys. For destruction is the essence of it. It produces nothing, it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership of the means of production has created. Since a socialist order of society cannot exist, unless it be as a fragment of Socialism within an economic order resting otherwise in private property, each step leading towards Socialism must exhaust itself in the destruction of what already exists.

Ludwig von Mises’ 1922 classic, Socialism


Washington state House votes for permanent Daylight Saving Time

NewImageOne thing that they are doing right. 

If some legislators have their way, time could be running out on the need to switch Washington clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

Less than 12 hours before the official “spring forward”, the House approved Saturday a bill that would keep the state on Daylight time year-round.

Rep. Marcus Riccelli, the bill’s sponsor, said studies show an increase in traffic collisions and some medical problems like strokes after the semi-annual time changes.

“We’re on Daylight Saving Time eight months of the year already,” Riccelli said. California, Oregon and Idaho all have movements to stay on Daylight Saving Time year-round, he added.

“The interest is there,” he added, including in Celeste Simone’s 3rd Grade Class at Prairie View Elementary School in the Mead School District, where students have followed the progress of the bill ever since he visited to talk to them about bills before the Legislature. The latest count from the class shows students overwhelmingly in favor, he said.

Elizabeth Warren pledges to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon

16656875588736773231Doing what they do best: screwing things up. 

Today, Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren published a post on Medium in which she detailed why she wants to break up large Internet companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Google. In her post, she accuses these companies of using their vast resources to shape the playing field and buy up potential competition.

The Evolving AP Story

When something agrees with their take on it, it’s “not alleged”. But when they disagree, then it’s “alleged”. Follow this. 

  • AP Feb 2: (not alleged) “Attack”
  • AP Feb 13: (not alleged) “Attack”
  • AP Today: “Allegedly falsely reporting”

Pelosi: House to condemn ‘forms of hatred’ after Omar words


But no condemnation of her anti-Semitism. 

As I said previously, the Democrats have anti-Semitism in their ranks, and they are afraid to deal with it. 

WASHINGTON – Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday the House will vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, white supremacy and other forms of hate after freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel sparked turmoil among Democrats.

Pelosi said she does not believe the Minnesota Democrat understood the “weight of her words” or that they would be perceived by some as anti-Semitic. The resolution won’t mention Omar by name.

“It’s not about her. It’s about these forms of hatred,” Pelosi told reporters. Asked whether the resolution was intended to “police” lawmakers’ words, Pelosi replied: “We are not policing the speech of our members. We are condemning anti-Semitism, anti-Islamophobia and we are condemning white supremacy.”

The move was in part intended to resolve a divide that opened after Omar said that Israel’s supporters were pushing lawmakers to take a pledge of “allegiance” to a foreign country. A Muslim-American, she has been critical of the Jewish state in the past and apologized for those previous comments.

“I feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-Semitic attitude,” Pelosi told reporters.