Trump Leads Clinton on Top-Ranking Economic Issues

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From the Gallup Organization

PRINCETON, N.J. — If the race for president comes down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump could benefit from an edge in public confidence on the issues Americans are prioritizing most this election. A slight majority of Americans choose Trump as better able to handle the economy (53%) and jobs (52%), and 50% choose him — versus 46% who choose Clinton — on terrorism and national security.

Americans’ Preference for Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton to Handle Each of Top Five Election Issues
Regardless of which presidential candidate you support, please tell me if you think Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would better handle each of the following issues.
  High importance to vote^ Prefer Trump on issue Prefer Clinton on issue Advantage
  % % %  
The economy 92 53 43 Trump +10
Employment and jobs 89 52 45 Trump +7
Terrorism and national security 87 50 46 Trump +4
Education 86 35 61 Clinton +26
Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act 83 40 56 Clinton +16
^ Percentage saying the candidates’ positions on the issue will be extremely/very important issue to influencing their vote for president
GALLUP, MAY 18-22, 2016

At the same time, the Democratic front-runner boasts commanding leads over the presumptive Republican nominee in public perceptions of who can best handle education and healthcare, with 61% and 56%, respectively, choosing Clinton over Trump on these issues. Both issues rank among the top five Americans say will influence their vote for president.