Clinton Still Has More Negatives Among Dems Than Sanders

From the Gallup Organization:Clinton Still Has More Negatives Among Dems Than Sanders

Though his opponent may effectively sew up the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders has shown no signs of retreating from his pledge to continue his spirited campaign beyond the primary season and into the July party convention. Sanders’ dogged determination has found little support among Democratic Party leaders, as vocalized by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid last week when he offered this dispiriting advice to Sanders: “Sometimes you just have to give up.”

But even as prominent Democrats admonish the Vermont senator, who only recently joined their party, U.S. adults who identify as Democrats or lean toward that party continue to have a broadly positive view of Sanders. Plus, he continues to be significantly more popular than Hillary Clinton. Sanders’ current net favorable rating among Democrats (+52) outpaces Clinton’s (+39) by 13 points. This is significantly different from early May, when Clinton’s and Sanders’ images among Democrats came close to parity.