Three Children, Including 1 Year Old, Killed In Chicago As Violence Spikes In City

GUNVIOLENCE 062820 3 0This is a follow-up to the violence I reported about last weekend

This is tragic. And removing the police will only make it worse. 

A 1-year-old boy and his mother were among the dozens shot and at least 7 killed in Chicago on Saturday as the city suffers from another weekend of violence — the latest in a string of deadly weekends.

The pair, CBS News Chicago reports, were shot while driving home from a local laundromat in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. The boy’s mother was grazed by a bullet, but the child was shot in the chest and died at a local hospital.

Three other children were among the 46 people shot so far this weekend, according to the Chicago-Sun Times. In addition to the 1-year-old, a 10-year-old girl was killed Friday night when a bullet entered her home on Chicago’s northwest side, a 17-year-old teen was killed after an altercation on the city’s west side, and an 8-year-old girl was “grazed by a bullet” in her home in Englewood.

The 1-year-old boy is the youngest victim of Chicago’s early summer violence, but at least two other toddlers, both around 3 years old, were shot in the last week. One of the 3-year-olds was killed. Police have offered a substantial reward for information leading to that boy’s killer, but so far the Chicago Police Department has not received any credible tips, they say.

A 9-year-old and a 5-year-old are also among the week’s shooting victims.