NOAA – Global Cooling Will Starve the World


Quotes from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) concerning the “settled science.” 

“Annual average temperatures over the Northern Hemisphere increased rather dramatically from about 1890 through 1940, but have been falling ever since.” – NOAA 1974

The poorest nations, already beset by man-made disasters, have been threatened by a natural one: the possibility of climatic changes …perhaps throughout the world. The implications for global food and population policies are ominous…” – NOAA, 1974

Many climatologists have associated this drought and other recent weather anomalies with a global cooling trend and changes in atmospheric circulation which, if prolonged, pose serious threats to major food-producing regions of the world.” – NOAA, 1974

Some climatologists think that the present cooling trend may be the start of a slide into another period of major glaciation, popularly called an ice age.” – NOAA 1974