Moscow City Counsel agrees to back cash-strapped Sojourners’

City will fund transitional housing program at $12,500

Bonnar said the $12,500 from the city would put two people in two beds for one year. He said he also received a financial commitment from another organization and is still seeking more financial commitments.

“Steve’s a leader, he’s pretty quiet about that,” Keim said. “He’s well known. The organization’s well-respected.”

Gary Riedner, Moscow city supervisor, said Bonnar told him that Latah County is also supportive of Sojourners’ Alliance’s efforts and is at least preliminarily proposing a figure similar to $12,500. Riedner said Moscow’s legislative reserve of $25,000 allocated in the 2016 budget, which is intended for unanticipated circumstances or occasions that are not budgeted, has not been expended. Thus, there is sufficient funding in the reserve.

I don’t get it. You can rent 2-bedroom apartments in Moscow for half that price.