Little’s “Empowering Parents Grants”

Little says that he is for education choice. 


Let’s take a look. 

This is from the Idaho government’s website FAQ: 

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I thought to myself: does the Idaho Code really say this? 

Idaho Law (Section 33-1029, Idaho Code) requires income eligibility be based on the parent or guardian’s adjust gross income verified with the Idaho Tax Commission from the 2021 filing. While everyone is not required to file an Idaho tax return, only individuals who did file will be eligible for the program. State law does not allow discretion on using anything other than the applicants AGI verified by the Idaho Tax Commission. 

Here’s the actual wording of that Idaho code: 

Screenshot 2023 01 16 at 15 36 25

Show me where it says that eligibility is based on the parents’ income. 

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