Congress repealing Obama last-minute rules

NewImageFrom Idaho’s Rep. Raúl Labrador:

It’s been an amazing two weeks in Washington.

Congress has moved swiftly and boldly to repeal overreaching last-minute rules from the Obama Administration, reasserting its constitutional duty to make the law and pushing back against abuse of executive authority.

We did so by reviving the dormant Congressional Review Act (CRA), which had been used successfully only once since President Clinton signed the law in 1996. The CRA requires agencies to report rulemaking to Congress and provides special procedures to consider legislation to overturn those rules. Importantly, resolutions brought under the CRA are not subject to filibuster in the Senate.

In just two weeks, the House has voted to repeal eight rules enacted in the final months of the Obama Administration. The Senate has already passed two of those and President Trump has vowed to support our efforts and sign the repeal measures.

One of the most disheartening experiences of my six years in Congress has been the failure of the legislative branch to oppose the Obama Administration’s contempt for the law. I’m excited that we’re finally doing our job to restore the balance of powers, boost the economy and listen to local and state input.