California College Openly Racist Toward White Students, Instructs Them How to Behave

Welcome to post-racial America.

Recently, incoming white students to Pomona College in California were immediately greeted with racism by a sign telling them they were inherently racist, and gave them instructions on how to be better allies. According to Campus Reform, white students were told that they needed to recognize their privilege, and simply stay silent when it came to debate, instead of defending themselves.


“Remember, just because POC [person of color] #1 isn’t offended by something, does not mean that POC #2 will not be offended by it either,” it says.

The poster goes on to states that “social justice is about BOTH elevating oppressed groups and simultaneously unpacking the privilege of dominant groups. These aspects are equally as important!”

Additionally, the sign claims that all white people are racist.

“Understand that you are white, so it is inevitable that you have unconsciously learned racism,” it asserts. “Your unearned advantage must be acknowledged and your racism unlearned.”

Further, the poster claims that white people should “just listen!” rather than explaining their own perspective.

Via RedState