Brutal cold torments the US, and ‘the worst is yet to come’


More counter-examples to global warming. Via CNN

Across much of the United States, you’d feel warmer stepping into a walk-in freezer than you would stepping outside on Tuesday.

And the brutal chill that is freezing much of the country will get even more miserable later this week.

On New Year’s Day, temperatures across 90% of the United States didn’t even get up to 32 degrees, CNN meteorologist Ivan Cabrera said.

“The cold is here to stay and the worst is yet to come,” CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward said.

You know it’s bad when even Dallas can’t get above freezing. In fact in all 50 states — including Hawaii — there was at least one place that recorded a temperature below 32 degrees on Tuesday.

Hard freeze warnings remain in effect through Wednesday in typically balmy states, from Texas to northern Florida, the National Weather Service said.

And for the rest of the week, temperatures far below normal and dangerous cold wind chills will afflict much of the central and eastern United States.