‘Blood on her hands’: Theresa May’s police budget cuts blamed for NYE stabbings

NewImageIt’s all the government’s fault. Perhaps they should outlaw knives? 

“Institutional racism” and police budget cuts are at the heart of the staggering wave of knife crime in British cities, a former senior Metropolitan Police officer has claimed. Four young men were killed in London over New Year.

Former senior investigating officer Peter Kirkham blamed Theresa May’s government for “ignoring” the record rate of knife crime in inner cities, which he says are “not white and well-off” but predominantly made up of “poor, black and minority ethnic people.”

“I really don’t understand why they are not treating this as the emergency that it is. It is a public disaster happening in slow motion in front of our eyes,” Kirkham said in an interview with Sky News on Monday.

He said Theresa May’s police budget cuts at the time she was home secretary under David Cameron have led to a loss of control over public space as there are fewer officers patroling the streets.

Kirkham’s warning came as four young men in London died from fatal stab wounds in four separate incidents over the New Year period. It brings the total number of knife deaths in the capital to 80 in 2017 alone.

Commenting on the latest stabbings, Kirkham said it is not “unusual” for them to occur on a Friday and Saturday night across London, calling it “absolutely typical.”

“It is very simple. It is entirely down to Theresa May and her police cuts. 

“She has the blood of these young people on her hands,” the former officer said.

Via RT