5 Most Anti-Establishment Political Parties To Join

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As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare to represent the Democrat and Republican parties this November, many people fed up with the two-party system are seeking an anti-establishment alternative.

While most people are familiar with the Libertarian Party, the Green Party or even the Constitution Party (recognized officially in 26 states) some are seeking an alternative group even further from the mainstream.

Top 5 Anti-Establishment Parties

The United States Pirate Party
The United States Pirate Party (USPP) was founded in 2006 by Brent Allison and Alex English. Their platform is aligned with the International Pirate Movement. They support and work toward reformation of intellectual property (IP) laws, true governmental transparency, and protection of privacy and civil liberties. They strive for evidence-based policies and egalitarianism, while working against corporate personhood and welfare.

It’s hard to get more anti-establishment than joining the Pirate Party. If this ever gains traction, which it won’t, there is no doubt they’ll run out Edward Snowden as their candidate of choice. 

The Modern Whig Party of America
Yes, the Whig Party is still around and fighting for the same causes it was established to support back in 1833. The policies they advocate are in line with the core values of integrity, meritocracy and independent thinking. At the very heart of their endeavor is a firm embrace of the clearest, and highest, ethical standard. Starting with an unshakable commitment to an ethical public life, the party draws the inspiration for their core beliefs from the United States Military Academy cadet honor code: a Whig “will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.”

An oldie, but a goodie. The foundation of the party is based on “an unshakable commitment to an ethical public life,” which would rule out about 99.99% of all current elected officials.

The Prohibition Party
As the name suggests, this party supports not just the return of the prohibition of a alcohol, or at the very least taxing it to the point nobody can afford it, they want a crack down on tobacco, pornography, and gambling. About the only thing they don’t want to restrict are Second Amendment rights. They call for zero restrictions on gun ownership.

They take the “Party” out of “Political Party”. These buzz kills should be called the Prohibition Coalition. 

But there is a flip side to the coin…   

The United Sates Marijuana Party
The USMP describes itself as the “Anti-Prohibitionists” and says they are a motivated group of Americans who are tired of living in fear of their government over marijuana prohibition. They say they are are “fed up” with the intrusion into their personal lives, with urine testing at work and at school, with armed home invasions, and with the possibility of prison because of a plant.

The fact that this anti-establishment group has as part of their official doctrine the line “a motivated group of Americans” is hilarious.  Anyone familiar with habitual marijuana smokers knows the only thing they are motivated to do is get more weed.

The Objectivist Party 
Formed by Dr. Tom Stevens in 2008, the Objectivist Party seeks to promote Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism in the political realm. They not only have a long list of platform positions, but they also suggest the adoption of a number of new holidays including Ayn Rand’s birthday (Feb. 2), Free Trade Day (May 8) and Skyscraper Appreciation Day (Aug. 10).

For those who think the Libertarian Party doesn’t have enough appreciation for skyscrapers.