$20 Million Climate Change/Agriculture Program Fails To Sway Area Farmers

Eigenbrode said farmers are “climate skeptics.”

Maybe that’s because their livelihood, income, and posterity are on the line? Maybe because they lived thru the 1960s-1970s “coming ice age” scare? Maybe because they are just not that gullible? 

MOSCOW – A six-year, three-state, $20 million research project to study the potential effects of climate change on agriculture appears to have done little to persuade farmers that human-caused climate change is a reality.

Two surveys of farmers conducted by a team of more than 200 scientists from the University of Idaho, Oregon State University and Washington State University revealed a resistance to the controversial notion of climate change.

“Based on our surveys, we know that the majority of producers (in the Pacific Northwest) don’t consider human-driven climate change to be an issue,” said Sanford Eigenbrode, one of the directors of the Regional Approaches to Climate Change (REACCH) team. The project, which involved the largest research grant ever awarded to the University of Idaho, came to a conclusion Thursday with scientists from all three schools and others gathered at the University of Idaho Commons to cap their work over the past six years.

Eigenbrode said farmers are “climate skeptics.”