Bills To Buffer Repeal Of Health Care Law

How are you going to pay for it? 

Democrats in Washington state want to make sure that even if national Republicans and President Donald Trump follow through on their promise to repeal the Obama-era national health care law, that preventative health coverage benefits remain intact in the state.

Two bills – one in the House, another in the Senate – have been introduced that would require health plans to continue to cover the same preventive health services, with no copay, that were required by federal law as of the end of last year.

So things like flu shots and other immunizations, autism screening for children, and blood pressure and cholesterol screens would all still be covered. Contraception would also be covered without out-of-pocket costs, except in cases where federal exemptions exist, like for religious employer plans.

“It’s important for us to show that we’re doing all we can to be a buffer against what’s happening in Washington, D.C.,” said Rep. June Robinson, a Democrat from Everett who is sponsor of the House measure.

Via AP