What we don’t need?


Moscow’s own Shirley Ringo doesn’t understand the basic difference between a territory (Puerto Rico) and a separate country (Mexico). 

I expected more from a professional educator. Perhaps she should stick to teaching math? 

In 1981, Raúl Labrador’s mother and 13-year-old Raúl left Puerto Rico and moved to the U.S. There were no immigration rules – people of Puerto Rico have automatically had U.S. citizenship since 1917. As such, they can move through the states as any American can. This is internal migration, not immigration.
It’s not so easy for our neighbors south of the border, and U.S. Rep. Labrador would make their lives more difficult. Many people from Mexico would like to move to the U.S. to improve opportunity for their families – just as Labrador’s mother did. But Labrador favors building the “Trump wall” between our countries to keep out “criminals and illegal immigrants.”
In fact, Puerto Rico has its problems with criminal elements. Since guarding of the southern U.S. border is more diligent, the route through Puerto Rico is easier for criminals. Drug trafficking has led to a high murder rate in Puerto Rico. Resources the U.S. government has sent to Puerto Rico have helped, but more assistance is needed.
Many individuals move freely from Puerto Rico to the U.S. In 2014, 84,000 people from Puerto Rico fled to the U.S. mainland, with more to come. Think of the criminal element, not to mention conservative politicians, perhaps included in those numbers. But truly, that issue is not on my “worry list.”
Regarding President Donald Trump’s wall Labrador says, “Making America safe is a top law enforcement priority, and Congress must find a way to pay for necessary improvements, just as it does other law enforcement needs.” There are better investments in law enforcement and safety than a billion-dollar wall. And we don’t need widespread travel bans that bar capable people from entering our country who could make a positive contribution.
We need common sense and compassion – commodities sorely lacking in our new president.
Shirley Ringo