What Are Poverty Rates Among Working Adults?

Get out of poverty by getting a job and getting to work! 

From the Center for Poverty Research at UC Davis

The Census Bureau reports poverty rates by work experience for people ages 18 to 64.  In 2014, the overall poverty rate for people ages 18 to 64 was 14%. 

The poverty rates by work experience for that age group ranged from 3% to 34%.

Another way to think about the relationship between poverty and employment status is to look at how the distribution of people in poverty by their employment status compares to that of the population as a whole.

By that measure, in 2014 those who did not work comprise a far greater share of the population in poverty than their share of the general population and those who worked less than full-time are overrepresented to a lesser degree; while those who worked full-time, year-round were underrepresented.