Washington, Idaho, Wyoming Legislatures consider education savings accounts

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Here we go! This would revolutionize K12 education in Idaho. 

Instead of spending a lot of money of failing schools that do not educate but indoctrinate, parents could take that money to a school that works for their kids. 

(The Center Square) – Three bills are currently pending in the legislatures of three western states that would allow educational savings accounts, or ESAs, for students in those states.

The Idaho-based Mountain States Policy Center notes that of the three states considering such legislation, Washington’s bill, HB 1615, would allow the most to be saved for education at $10,600. The Wyoming bill, HB 194, would allow $6,000, and the Idaho bill, SB 1038, would authorize $5,850 per state account.

Also, Washington’s bill would make $10,000 in additional funds available for special needs students.

Mountain States does not give grades to these legislative efforts, but the think tank’s president, Chris Cargill, expressed some opinions about their efficacy and political viability when asked.

“I think the Idaho Senate version is probably the strongest so far,” he told The Center Square.

The downside to the Idaho bill was that he hadn’t necessarily “seen enough support in both chambers to get it passed.”