Trump’s former campaign manager doesn’t know why he was fired

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In his first comments since being fired from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Corey Lewandowski said he did not know why he was fired as Trump’s campaign manager. But Lewandowski, speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash Monday, remained fiercely loyal to the candidate, vowing he would still “do everything I can” to make sure Trump is elected president in November.

“Things change as a campaign evolves,” he said, calling working for Trump “a privilege.”

“If I can [help] from outside the campaign, that’s also a privilege,” he added.

Lewandowski said he heard the news in “a nice conversation with Mr. Trump” and that a friend from the office led him out of the building Monday morning. Reports suggested that friction with other staffers, including recently hired political veteran Paul Manafort, might have contributed to Lewandowski’s firing, and that Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared had lobbied for his departure.

Lewandowski denied those reports Monday. He insisted he and Manafort worked together “amazingly well” and called the people he worked with on the campaign his friends. He also praised Ivanka as “a great asset to the campaign” and said he had always had a “great relationship with the family.”

Via McClatchy