These 10 Theaters In Idaho Will Give You An Unforgettable Viewing Experience

Congratulations to the NuArt & the Kenworthy! Via Only In Your State:

On a hot summer say, sometimes the best place to be is a cool, air conditioned theater, catching up on the latest Hollywood blockbuster. But the only thing better than enjoying a seriously good flick at the nearest IMAX is a unique trip to one of Idaho’s century-old vintage theaters to catch a movie, play, or unique show on a historic stage or big screen. This summer, mix it up a bit and take a break from the local theater for a different kind of viewing experience. Here are just a few of Idaho’s oldest vintage theaters for you to check out.

1. Nu Art Theater, Moscow

Built by Milburn Kenworthy in 1935, the Nu Art was one of several theaters that Kenworthy developed in Moscow. Today, it is a beloved arthouse, movie theater, concert venue, and historic landmark. But although the building itself is historic in nature, the overall design of this unique theater reflects cinema’s transition from elaborate decor during the silent movie era, to modern design after the arrival of “talkies.”

10. Kenworthy Theater, Moscow

The opening of the Kenworthy as a public theater by the Kenworthy family took place in 1926, although portions of the building were in use as the Crystal Theater as early as 1908. After being remodeled and upgraded in the late 40s, the Kenworthy was later donated to the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, and now hosts everything from private movie screenings, to lavish