The Latest SAT Scores, By School and District

Idaho Ed News has the latest data on SAT scores by school & district. 

The good news: Moscow School District ranked 7th in the state. The bad news: only 55% of MSD students are proficient in math (which tells you how bad off the rest of the state is). 

Also, see if you can figure out the pattern for the other government schools who are ranked higher than MSD: 

1. Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy

2. Sage International School

3. Idaho Distance Education Academy (!)

4. North Star Charter School

5. Compass Public Charter School

6. MSD

7. Victory Charter School

Of interest to me is the fact that the non-traditional government schools dramatically out perform the traditional government learning institutions. 

Progressives’ solution: throw more money at the underperforming schools (instead of examining what the well performing schools are doing). 

Also, check out the difference in per student spending in the charters as well.