Moscow’s Mafia Medics

Via Moscow’s Bring to Light

Previous installments in this series made it clear that Latah County does not have adequate resources to consistently maintain its ALS emergency medical services, much less provide consistent inter-facility patient transports.

The problem is squarely situated in the Moscow Ambulance Company, which has failed to respond to emergency calls for help in a timely manner on multiple occasions, and has been abysmally slow to move patients out of Gritman to hospitals with higher levels of care.

PACT EMS began operation in January 2014 in order to address this problem in a way that would relieve a burden from volunteers at Moscow Ambulance. Specifically, PACT’s business model revolves around taking inter-facility transports out of Gritman, a service for which Moscow Ambulance has often been unavailable.

However, the city paid administrators at Moscow Ambulance have responded to the introduction of a private ambulance service in a decidedly unhelpful manner.

Instead of breathing a sigh of relief that they would no longer have to send unpaid volunteer paramedics and EMTs on four to five hour-long road-trips, they quickly launched what appears to be a thinly veiled crusade to put PACT out of business.

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