Moscow Law Enforcement Disturbed By Dallas Shooting

Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch said he is disgusted and outraged by the shootings, and he expressed sympathy for the families of the slain officers.

Rausch said President Barack Obama has the ability to prevent these shootings, but instead, the sheriff added, Obama makes irresponsible statements concerning shootings. Rausch said Obama speaks on shooting matters when he does not know all the details and immediately chastises law enforcement.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry said the deaths are tragic and obviously disturbing, but it would have been equally tragic if 11 civilians had been shot.

Fry said police officers get into everyday routines, but they need to remind themselves that even though they live in Moscow, such shootings can happen anywhere.

Fry said after he heard the news of the shootings, he sent a memo to Moscow police officers encouraging them to be vigilant, not complacent and to continue to serve the community. He said Mayor Bill Lambert spoke with Moscow police officers Friday morning.