Man who had bombshell info on Hunter Biden feared for his life: “I’m pretty vocal about not wanting to get murdered”

Caf461f3 f3aa 485c 9c47 7567d17b056fGood thing it wasn’t on Hilary. From The Blaze

In a lengthy interview, Mac Isaac said he wasn’t sure what to do with the laptop that had been dropped off at his shop. Once he realized it contained sexually explicit and drug-related photos of the former vice president’s son, along with suspicious emails between Hunter Biden and Ukrainian and Chinese business executives, he had no idea what to do.

“I thought if people knew what I knew, that my life would be endangered,” Mac Isaac stated.

For a time, Mac Isaac kept the laptop to himself. Whoever dropped it off – Hunter Biden or otherwise – never returned to collect it. As the summer progressed, however, he kept hearing more and more about investigations into Hunter Biden, which included a Senate report on Hunter Biden’s suspicious connections and cash transactions with powerful people around the world.

“I started to get concerned because you see stuff in the papers and the news and online,” he said.

Understandably a bit paranoid, Mac Isaac said he feared he would be killed because of his knowledge if he turned the laptop over to the FBI.

“I was afraid, I reached out to some people that I trusted, that could possibly get me in touch with the FBI,” said Mac Isaac. “Then they showed up. They probably knew I had a copy because I was pretty vocal about not wanting to get murdered.”

When asked if he feared Joe Biden might seek to harm him, Mac Isaac replied, “People that work for him, sure.”

Mac Isaac also mentioned his fear that he would be shot while “jogging in the morning.”

“I think that it’s not the government as an entire entity, but I think there’s a history in this country of people with political motives doing horrible things,” said Mac Isaac. “I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that.”

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