LGBT activists blame Christians for Orlando attack

From The Washington Times

Several prominent gay-rights activists took to social media to blame Christians for Sunday’s massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Chase Strangio, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, on Sunday said the “Christian Right” is implicated in the slaughter by passing “anti-LGBT bills.”

“The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months, and people are blaming Islam for this. No,” Mr. Strangio said in a Twitter post.

Sally Kohn, an MSNBC contributor who is outspoken about LGBT rights, accused those who subscribe to traditional sexual mores of hypocrisy for condemning the murder of gay people.

“Always fascinating to watch conservatives who won’t support basic non-discrimination laws bash Islamic fundamentalists for being anti-gay,” Ms. Kohn said on Twitter.