Idaho Presidential Race: Trump 44%, Clinton 23%, Johnson 13%

Donald Trump has plateaued in Idaho, a new Idaho Politics Weekly poll shows.

But that is OK. He still leads Hillary Clinton almost 2-to-1, a just-completed survey by Dan Jones & Associates finds.

If the Nov. 8 election were today, Republican presidential candidate Trump would get 44 percent of the vote.

Democrat Clinton would get 23 percent of the vote – about the number of Democrats in Idaho.

Libertarian Gary Johnson would get 13 percent of the ballot.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein would get 2 percent.

Twelve percent would vote for some other candidate.

And 5 percent don’t know who they would vote for.

These are about the same numbers that Jones found in a survey taken six weeks ago.

Thus, while Trump took a real dive in national polls after his GOP convention – now rebounding some – in Idaho, he didn’t go down as much, and if he did, he’s recovered nicely.

Johnson continues to do well – for a third party candidate – in Idaho.

If he did this well across the nation, he might be included in the presidential TV debates – which now seems a long shot for the former New Mexico governor.

Via Idaho Politics Weekly