Idaho education leaders were caught off-guard by state Ed Board’s crackdown on teacher evaluation data

Heaven forbid that principals and administrators are held accountable for fraudulent evaluations!

Idaho education leaders were caught off guard by the state Board of Education’s move on Monday to crack down on false teacher evaluation data, including fines of $10,000 to $50,000 against non-compliant school administrators, Idaho EdNews reports. None had seen the language that received preliminary approval Monday, writes EdNews reporter Kevin Richert. Even Rob Winslow, the executive director of the Idaho Association of School Administrators, was in the dark. 

“I hope we address this before it gets to be a big deal,” Winslow told EdNews. Richert’s full report is online here. Due to meeting notice questions, the state board has rescinded Monday’s decision and will re-do the meeting on Friday morning.

Via Eye on Boise