Idaho delegates grateful for Clinton’s embrace of Sanders


Idaho delegates say they liked the message Hillary Clinton delivered as she accepted the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday.

Idaho Clinton delegate Caitlin Lister has a 14-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. “It’s important to me that my daughter can see a role model like her,” said Lister. “It just seems like we’re moving in the right direction.”

Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Bert Marley was glad Clinton acknowledged and thanked Sen. Bernie Sanders for his help in pushing for a progressive platform and for engaging young people in politics.

“I thought it was a class move,” said Marley, a Sanders superdelegate. “She didn’t have to do it and I was glad that she did.”

While some Sanders delegates chanted or booed during the speech, Idaho’s did not, Marley said. He contrasted that with early in the week, when some Sanders delegates walked out of the convention.

“I wouldn’t say they were OK with it,” Marley said. “But compared to Monday, there has been a shift.”

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Via Idaho Statesman