College Socialists Push Revolution Against Trump


“Get involved in the upcoming revolution!”

The College Fix reports:

College socialists: We need more violence against Trump and his supporters to be effective

“Get involved in the upcoming revolution!”

That’s what a Columbia University student was telling passers-by on campus Monday as he handed out flyers for a Thursday event calling for a new socialist order in response to Donald Trump’s presidency.

If the “revolution” indeed started on Thursday, it amounted to gushing over how much political violence can accomplish for socialism.

The Barnard-Columbia Socialists, which includes students from Columbia and its sibling women’s college, used Monday’s daylong campus protests and demonstrations against Trump’s executive order on immigration to promote their similar event, “The Case for Socialist Organization.”

The socialists’ flyer called for students to “Unite!” and fight Trump “to defend immigrants from deportation, safeguard abortion and reproductive rights, stand up against racist police violence, protect public education, preserve our unions, and save the planet.”

Resist the ‘pleasures of capitalism’

Its stark rhetoric apparently worked, because the Thursday event’s meeting room – a small classroom typically reserved for seminars – was packed. Students who arrived late had to sit on the floor or stand.