Climate Change means Perth smashes the coldest ever record for February


Yesterday Perth had it’s coldest ever February day (since 1910) with temperatures only making it up to 17.4C. This is not just 0.1 or 0.2C below the previous coldest record in February, but a whole 1.7C colder. Perth also got its second wettest February Day with a 106mm of rain.

(To put a fine point on just how far from normal this is, the actual coldest observation in February before this was in 1991 at 19.8C, but that was adjusted down by 0.7C  in the All-Wondrous-ACORN data set. So yesterday was a “sigma-lot” below normal). I’ll post soon on how this is not just a one-day thing, but part of a longer curious record for the region.


As predicted, a new cold record has been set in Perth.

Just 10 days after Perth Metro had its 4th coldest January maximum since 1897 and Perth Airport its coldest January day since opening in 1945, the February daily record has been smashed at both stations.

Perth’s forecast was 20C. Perth Metro today had a maximum of 17.4C and Perth Airport  17.1C. That’s absurdly cold and won’t be repeated in our lifetimes.

Perth Maximum Temperatures, 1910 -2017, coldest record, January, Coldest Record, February.

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