Chris Cuomo: ‘I see being called fake news as the equivalent of the n-word for journalists’


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo just dug himself a hole. On SiriusXM POTUS (Ch. 124) on Thursday, he said: 

“The only thing that’s bothersome about it, is that I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the n-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity. That’s what fake news is to a journalist.”

Yea, an entitled journalist being called a “fake news” huckster is the same as being called the n-word. Brilliant. 

Well, the backlash was fast and furious. Cuomo had to back down quickly: 

Christopher C. Cuomo on Twitter

I was wrong. Calling a journalist fake -nothing compared to the pain of a racial slur. I should not have said it. I apologize