A Better Choice

The two major party presidential candidates are not the only choices on Election Day. John Stossel writes:

While America is going bankrupt, both candidates brag that they will spend more—Trump on the military and his pointless wall, Clinton mostly on social programs.

Both promise a new child care entitlement: paid maternity leave. I’d think a Republican presidential candidate would resist promising more “free” stuff. But Trump, with daughter Ivanka standing behind him, offers Clintoncare “lite”: paid leave for six weeks instead of 12.

Naturally, the Clinton media want more. Socialist cheerleaders at Fortune complain that Trump’s proposal is stingy compared to Clinton’s and very stingy compared to real family leave, offered by civilized nations in Europe—especially Greece.

Hello? Have you not noticed how Greece suffers largely because of “generous benefits” like that? You think it’s a coincidence that Greece’s unemployment rate is 25 percent? Why would employers hire workers if they must later give them 12 weeks of pay not to work?