This isn’t going to sit well with the statists. NewImage

Remember when the world’s leading economist, the IMF, and Central Bankers all predicted that if Great Britain pulled out of the European Union chaos who follow?

They assured everyone that Brexit would be a disaster, not only for the UK but the rest of the world.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron, who stepped down after the vote, even told British voters that an economic ripple effect would threaten their government pensions.

And President Obama, who never misses an opportunity to interject himself in others business, warned Britons that they would have to “go to the back of the queue” when it came to trade with the U.S.  Another red-line in the sand for a short-eyed man!


But those who love their freedom didn’t buy the doomsday chicken little predictions.  On voting day, Brexit passed.

Nicholas Gelinas, writing for the New York Post states, “After the vote, the British pound plummeted. Financial traders believed their government’s warnings and ditched the currency.” —

The pound was worth $1.48 before the vote and today is it valued at $1.32.

But then something strange happened.  With the decrease in the British pound, people worldwide saw it as an excellent opportunity to vacation in England.

In fact, before Brexit, airline reservations were down compared to the same time the year previous.  After the historic vote, airline reservations jumped 4.3%.

Via The Constitution