The Planets Have Control Of Solar Variability


Another research study that demonstrates the alignment of the gas giants affects solar output and earth’s climate. 

Highlights Deterministic periods: Data series of total radiation (TSI) from the sun, has stationary periodic changes over 1000 years. Cause: The periods are controlled by the four giant planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Explanation: There is a mutual gravitation between the sun and the planets that change circulation in Sun’s interior dynamo. Harmonic periods: Planets periods and combination resonance between periods produces a range of stationary periods from about 11 to 500 years, and more Impact: The sum of the period affects the sun’s surface and alter the radiation from the sun and climate on Earth. Historic Climate Change: The identified periods explains known cold climate periods Oort (1010-1030), Wolf (1270-1349), Spurs (1390-1550), Maunder (1640-1720) and Dalton (1790-1820) Modern climate: We have had a modern maximum period (1940-2015) with radiation.

Prognosis: We are entering a period with less radiation, a “colder” sunny, with a calculated at a minimum of Dalton-level of approximately (2040-2065).

Via TallBloke