Op-Ed: The Demise of the Biden-Harris Presidency

5f17bd50a561b image 1In this Op-Ed, I explore how the deep state will get rid of the Biden-Harris problem. It ran in today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News

I expect that both Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden will exit office over the next 12 months. In my mind, it’s not a matter of if but how, and the legacy media are already prepping for the coming news.

The situation today reminds me of the Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, and Gerald Ford debacle in the 1970s. Agnew resigns. Ford replaces Agnew. Nixon resigns. Ford is president. All within eight months.

Notably, the only person with lower polling numbers than Joe Biden is Kamala Harris. She was universally disliked during the Democratic primary (she bailed when her support fell below 3%), but Biden selected her as his vice president anyway because he wanted a black woman. Which is peculiar since Democrats cannot even define what a woman is. But I digress.

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, Kamala has set a D.C. record by having 12 senior staff members resign in the last ten months. Significantly, back in 2019 CNBC referred to Harris’ primary campaign as “chaotic,” the same word used today by her resigning staff. Cackling Kamala is the Democrat’s Sarah Palin: a hot mess with no political future, and everyone knows it.

D.C. needs to get rid of Kamala as badly as they needed to get rid of Agnew. And they must do so before 2024 so she never runs for president. I’m unsure how D.C.’s deep state mafia will accomplish this, but I expect she will be gone before the Republican takeover of Congress in January 2023.

But who would Biden be compelled to nominate to replace Harris? Someone beloved by both parties, such as Michelle Obama? Or someone within the deep state’s mafioso, like Hillary Clinton? Is it mere coincidence that the Clinton Foundation has recently been ramping up its political efforts again?

Once a new Vice President is in place, the powers that be can work on getting Biden out of office just like they did Nixon – under the threat of impeachment. Everyone knows that Biden is a political dumpster fire, and no one on either side of the aisle will be sorry to see him exit. There are lots of options here. First, Biden could be forced to resign due to his obvious dementia. “Sorry, he belongs in a nursing home, not running the free world.”

If that doesn’t work, the federal government’s criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his link to The Big Man is developing rapidly. The fact that the Democrat’s media are now discussing it openly means that these formerly suppressed “fake news” stories are gaining traction.

In 2018 the Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden that centered on money laundering, tax fraud, violation of foreign lobbying laws, etc. Can you imagine how the Democrats’ media would have trumpeted this if that had been Donald Junior? But the legacy media refused to report on the investigation or the contents of the laptop during the 2020 election campaign.

In 2013, Biden took Hunter with him on a trip to Asia on Air Force Two which included a stop in Shanghai where Hunter was attempting to open a private equity firm. Just ten days after that visit, Hunter secured a highly sought-after Chinese business license that allowed him to set up a firm there. These are just a couple of examples of the ways in which President Biden has become complicit in his son’s overseas “endeavors.” And the list goes on.

It is demonstrably apparent that Hunter provided access to his father as a means of obtaining meetings and permits over the last decade to secure millions of dollars in fraudulent overseas business deals. Not a bad gig for a crackhead, low-rent porn star wannabe whom Joe Biden calls “the smartest guy I know.”

The coming drama surrounding the offices of President and Vice President will be fascinating to watch. To some it may sound like conspiracy, but to those who remember Nixon or who understand the inner workings of Washington, it’s clear that Joe and Kamala are on their way out. Just like Hunter Biden’s laptop and cloth masking, today’s conspiracy is tomorrow’s front page news.