ObamaCare Premiums Up 116% in Arizona

From the same people who said “you can keep your doctor”, they now tell us “we can fix Obamacare with just a few tweaks.” 

The administration admitted on Monday that ObamaCare premiums are set rise an average of 25 percent on November 1st.

However, many states will see premiums soar far, far, far above that number.

According to administration figures, the average premium increase for the popular “silver” plan will rise 116 percent in Arizona.

The rate for a person now paying $196 per month will jump to $422 per month – more than $5,000 per year – for “affordable” health care.

Rates will increase by 40% in North Carolina; 53% in Pennsylvania; 60% in Texas; 60% in Tennessee; 80% in New York, and 93% in New Mexico – for “affordable” health care.

Via Fox News