Nearly 1 in 6 UI students still in high school

In other words, 17% of UI students are high schoolers. Let that sink in. Via the Daily News: 

An increase in dual-credit, high school students made up for enrollment decreases at nearly every University of Idaho campus across the state this year, according to data from the UI’s 2017 Census Overview.

Between 2016 and 2017, enrollment dropped by 68 students at UI Coeur d’Alene, 30 at the UI headquarters in Moscow, 23 at UI Idaho Falls and four at UI Twin Falls. UI Boise saw an increase of 39 students.

Nearly 2,000 dual-enrollment students, cited as “UI at High School” students in the university’s census overview, now make up nearly 17 percent of the UI’s total student population.


But despite high school students being the university’s second-largest “campus” next to its headquarters in Moscow, UI President Chuck Staben told the Daily News the retention rate of those dual credit students is “not really exactly a relevant question, actually.”

The reason, Staben said, is that dual-enrollment students take all kinds of courses – some from the UI, some from other universities and some from the Advanced Placement program.

Though tallying those students in the UI’s total enrollment numbers is consistent with federal requirements, Staben said, like other universities, the UI does not track their retention rates.

“Retention is a word I hesitate to use until a student has actually enrolled at your institution as their primary institution. And these students move around every semester,” Staben said.

2 thoughts on “Nearly 1 in 6 UI students still in high school

  1. This is good news that I’m guessing you will spin as bad news considering your stance “public education = bad”.

    • I think that the University of Idaho spinning that their enrollment is up by counting high school students is bad.

      They and other universities have lowered the bar yet again in order to increase their revenues.

      This can only end badly.

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