Linda Pall Shuts Down the Logos Student Body President

At the Conditional Use Hearing on 2 Aug 2016, Linda Pall shut down the Logos Student Body President, Preston Evans, after just 30 seconds. There was an audible gasp from the crowd.

I could tell immediately, by the way that she handled him, how she was going to vote for the entire evening.

What makes this so blatantly hypocritical is not that she cuts him off, but that she allows some of the most crazy liberals you will ever hear to drone on forever. Those videos are coming up next.

Check this out.

Logos Class Student Body President Preston Evans Shut Down by Linda Pall

Logos School Student Body President Preston Evans was shut down by Linda Pall just 30 seconds into his comments. Yet she allowed all sorts of crazy liberal wackos to drone on for tens of minutes. Those will be posted shortly.

Compare how she handled that articulate student after the first 30 seconds to how she handles people she agrees with:

Ross Coats at CUP

Look at the way Linda Pall handles her progressive friends verses the way she handles Logos students.

Jean Elliot Speaking at the CUP

Iowa Resident Jean Elliot speaks against the CUP. She wants to either make underpasses for the animals that may be on the roads, or raise Mountain View Road so that the animals can pass under.