Jean Elliot Speaks at the Moscow CUP

Jean Elliot speaks at the Moscow Board of Adjustment on 2 Aug 2016. 

She’s having problems, here. She is “having hormones to her forebrain” (her words, not mine).

She advocates making underpasses on Mountain View Road so that the animals that may be drawn to the retention ponds won’t be hurt. 

We just have to figure out how to get the deer, elk, moose, and bear to use those underpasses….

Here is the progressive “People’s Republic of Moscow” for a good laugh. This is what right-minded people put up with in my town.

Jean Elliot Speaking at the CUP

Iowa Resident Jean Elliot speaks against the CUP. She wants to either make underpasses for the animals that may be on the roads, or raise Mountain View Road so that the animals can pass under.