Boise becomes sanctuary city for abortion – – Gmail

Typical Boise. A blue city is a big red state. 


Boise is now a “sanctuary city” for abortion violence, even though a state law that bans most abortions is scheduled to take effect sometime next month.

The far-left city council voted 3-2 on Tuesday to adopt the city resolution, which prevents local law enforcement and city employees from helping enforce state laws restricting abortion.

Adding to the lawlessness exemplified by the city council, Boise Police has already expressed its intention to comply with the resolution, meaning its officers won’t investigate violations of abortion laws.

Idaho has a trigger law that bans most abortions after conception. That law is scheduled to become enforceable next month, although it is currently facing a legal challenge in the Idaho State Supreme Court.

But the trigger law contains only criminal penalties, and those penalties will be almost impossible to enforce if local police departments, like Boise, refuse to investigate abortionists or cooperate with prosecutors.


Boise becomes sanctuary city for abortion – – Gmail