Ala. bill requires child sex offenders to be castrated before release

KAYPhysical castration has actually been done in the past. It didn’t turn out so well for the physicians. 

Implementing the death penalty reduces the recidivism rate to zero. 

An Alabama bill, which would require castration for certain child sex offenders, is awaiting signature by the governor.

The decision is up to Republican Governor Kay Ivey on whether criminals convicted of sex crimes against a minor under the age of 13 should be required to be chemically castrated in order to be released from prison.

The criminal would even be required to pay for the procedure, and their refusal would constitute a violation of parole.

The bill’s sponsor argues this will make criminals think twice, and could lead to a reduction in child sex crimes.

However, it will likely be challenged under the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

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