WashPost Writer: Trump/GOP will Be ‘in Trouble’ for Saying ‘Illegals’


With CNN’s recent boasting of increased sales of George Orwell’s 1984 in response to President Donald Trump, and with their accusations of the administration gaslighting the country, it’s quite hypocritical of them to have a panelist on that appears the be practicing his own doublespeak. During Sunday’s Inside PoliticsWashington Post writer Ed O’Keefe hammered the president and Republicans for daring to use the words “illegals” and “illegal aliens.”

Towards the end of a discussion about Trump’s persistent use of dubious claims of voter fraud by illegal immigrants in the 2016 election, O’Keefe became a little irritated at the fact that the GOP still uses the term “illegals.” “I want to call him out on one thing here. Cause this continues to be a problem here that afflicts the president and other people in this debate,” he asserted, “He continues to use the word ‘illegals.’

It is about as offensive as it gets for immigration advocates and for Hispanics in this country,” he whined.

O’Keefe then set his sights on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for using the dreaded words in an interview with the president. “And for O’Reilly to use the term “illegal aliens,” that also is a no-no in journalism. You know, the AP Style is not that anymore,” he chided, “Still a legal term for the government, but that kind of talk distracts and people will hear that and that alone is disqualifying.” Host John King agreed, noting CNN’s policy, “Our style is ‘undocumented’ here.

King provided very little pushback against his guest, simply explaining, “There are people who think you should call it out, that they did come into the country illegally and you should continue to say so. That is a debate that you get.”

O’Keefe responded with a warning for those who use the argument King laid out, “Plural, though, “illegals” is the problem and that’s going to get him and Republicans in trouble yet again with immigration advocates. And it’s offensive.” But his claim of danger makes absolutely zero sense since the GOP has been unafraid to use the term and they’ve eroded Democratic control in both federal and state governments.

What one gets disqualified from after saying “illegals” O’Keefe never said. But it’s probably safe to assume (as with most things that offend the left) it means to be taken seriously as a person with an opinion on the issue.

Ironically, before King called on O’Keefe to share his opinion, the CNN host was criticizing Trump, saying “We have a chance to have in this city now to have real debates… Instead, we get down these rabbit holes.”