Report: Denver Spends Double on Homeless Than on One K-12 Student

No real surprise here. Via Legal Insurrection:

1. Denver Metro spends $481.2 million annually on the homeless: shelters, services, emergency response, and healthcare.

  • Denver gets $343 million, Boulder receives $15.9 million, and Aurora gets $7.8 million.

2. Denver’s homeless population ranges from 4,171 to 10,428. The money spent on the homeless range from $41,679 per person to $104,201 per person.

3.. In 2019, Denver Public Schools had 87,644 K-12 students. The district spent $19,202 on each student.

4. Denver’s homeless budget is more than some of the departments in the Colorado government.

  • Military and Veteran Affairs: $132,200,000
  • Labor and Employment: $265,700,000
  • Public Safety: $324,500,000

The median per capita income in Denver is around $45,000, while per household is $68,592.

The average rent for a Denverite is $21,156.

HT: Dave G.