Rancher gets OK to kill wolf after calves attacked

NewImagePoor puppy dog. </sarcasm>

This is what happens when you respect predators more than the prey. 

NTERPRISE, Ore. – Oregon wildlife managers have issued a permit that allows a rancher in eastern Oregon to kill a wolf after three of his calves were injured by the predators last week.
The Department of Fish and Wildlife said Thursday they confirmed that the calves were hurt by wolves over three days in Wallowa County.

The permit allows the rancher to kill one wolf between now and July 10 on private rangeland that he leases, and an adjacent public land allotment.
Three wolves were counted in the area last year. But state officials said it’s not clear whether they’re new to the area or remnants of the Chesnimnus wolf pack.

The agency said the rancher used non-lethal methods to deter wolves, such as monitoring them and removing injured livestock.