Profanity Peak Wolf Pack To Be Exterminated After Cattle Kills

Ah, those poor puppy-dogs </sarcasm>. 

The Profanity Wolf Pack has been sentenced to extermination after resuming attacks on cattle this week, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department announced Friday.

State wildlife biologists received authorization to remove the Ferry County wolf pack after investigating two calf carcasses and an injured calf in a Colville National Forest grazing area.

The injured calf was classified as the subject of a confirmed wolf attack and the dead calves as subjects of probable wolf attacks, the agency said in a release. Since mid-July, WDFW has confirmed that wolves have killed or injured six cattle and probably five others, based on staff investigations.

Jim Unsworth, director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), authorized field staff to remove the remaining members of the Profanity Peak wolf pack to prevent additional attacks on cattle in the range lands between Republic and Kettle Falls.

The Profanity Peak pack is one of 19 known wolf packs in Washington. Earlier this summer, WDFW determined that the pack had at least 11 members, including six adults and five pups.