Portland NAACP: Protests Spectacle, Dilutes BLM Message

AP20208424779105It stopped being about George Floyd’s death after the first building was torched. 

Leaders of Portland’s NAACP chapter are calling for protesters to bring demonstrations back to form. Chapter president E.D. Mondainé recently called attention to what he believes is a “white spectacle” brought on by leftist agitators, such as Antifa.

He claimed these left-wing organizations have hijacked demonstrations and are distracting the public from protesters’ real message.

“We’re not going to quit until we see justice for everybody, we’re not going to stop,” said Mondainé. “It’s not the mayor’s issue, it’s not the commissioner’s issue, but it’s our issue.”

The NAACP leader stressed these protests are supposed to call attention to racial disparities felt by the black community and should be conducted peacefully. He also doesn’t want to discourage white participation in protests and added the goal is to encourage justice for all.

Mondainé went on to say some civil rights leaders, namely Malcolm X, have mistakenly brushed off white people from joining protests. These leaders apparently believed they would cause distractions.

“We welcome all of the help that we can get from our very well-meaning, I call them sisters and brothers, allies and accomplices. We need them. But, we need them to show up how we need them to show up, not how they think is best.” – E.D. Mondainé, President of the NAACP Portland Chapter


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