Montana rides out record-setting fall blizzard

NewImageGlobal warming will do that, don’t ‘cha know? Record cold and record snow…

Oh, wait! It’s only global warming when you get a record hot temperature. Otherwise it’s just “weather”. 

Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front is prone to heavy snowfalls, but not in early fall. The National Weather Service’s preliminary data show that 52 inches fell in Browning over the weekend, according to meteorologist Jane Fogleman. That’s well above the previous two-day record for September of 36 inches in 1908.

The snow started falling in East Glacier Park, just down the road from Browning, around 9 p.m. Friday, remembered Knott and one of his neighbors, Kellie Miller, who was helping shovel the driveway.

By Sunday afternoon, 4 feet had been reported in Browning, and both Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and the Blackfeet Nation had declared emergencies. U.S. Highway 2, the area’s main artery, was closed, and the American Red Cross had set up a temporary shelter at Blackfeet United Methodist Parish in Browning.

Heavy snowfalls, they agree, are a fact of life out here. “It’s not that unusual for us to have heavy, intense winter weather,” Flint said. “The thing that’s unusual for us is (that) it’s September, and it was a big snow for this time of year.”

Via The Missoulian