Minneapolis Public Schools Promise To Layoff White Teachers Before Cutting “Educators Of Color”

Teacherstrike1Here is the face of systemic racism. 

A good teacher is a good teacher, regardless of skin color. That said, by extension, a bad teacher is also still a bad teacher regardless of skin color. If you want to find true racism in the western world, remove all questions of meritocracy and seek out people who promote “equity”- They are the real racists.

According to a new report, a deal struck between MPS and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) to end a two-week strike includes a provision that requires schools to lay off or reassign white teachers before taking the same action with “educators of color.” The provisions were labeled “educator of color protections.”

The report said that if a non-white teacher is the subject of “excess” (a term used to describe cutting a position) school districts must instead lay off the least senior white teacher. The proposal will go into effect next spring.