McClatchy: The Clinton Foundation comes under scrutiny again

The Clinton campaign is rushing to defend the Clinton Foundation after an Associate Press report found half of the people who met with Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State also donated to the Foundation.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook called the report cherry-picking, suggesting AP only took a fraction of Clinton’s meetings into consideration. “This is a woman who met with over 17,000 world leaders, countless other government officials, public officials in the United States. And they’ve looked at 185 meetings and tried to draw a conclusion from that,” he said.

Still, following a growing body of work about the Foundation, Donald TrumpThe Boston Globe editorial board, USA Today’s editorial board and more are calling on it to shut down or stop accepting donations should the Democratic nominee become president

For context, here’s a brief review of the investigative reporting about the Clinton Foundation and its money.

Via McClatchy